Restaurante Isla Verde is just the right place if you’re looking for the delectable flavor of authentic Chinese food. Our two Chinese chefs will delight your palate with a wide variety of traditional, Cantonese-style dishes in an atmosphere of charm and elegance.

We offer Family Packages

For 4, 6, 8 and 10 people, and menus for special events.

Recommendations from our chef

Whole fish steamed with ginger and scallions in a sesame and soy sauce
Chicken, vegetables and chestnut in a nest of taro root
Isla Verde Vegetarian Dish: bean thread noodles with Chinese vegetables, mushrooms and tofu
Ants Climbing a Tree: fried noodles with Chinese mushrooms, bamboo and pork
Peking Duck: boned duck accompanied by Chinese pancakes, scallions and plum sauce


We recently inaugurated our new BUSINESS CENTER