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Although the cheap fake Rolex 1267xx collection was released in 2018, the white gold version of the Pepsi bezel (reference 116719 BLRO) that was originally brought back in 2014 was not completely discontinued. Instead, Rolex updated the white gold version to have a midnight blue dial and added the new Caliber 3285 movement at the time. To indicate the change, the reference number has also been updated (now reference number 126719 BLRO), and Rolex even offered the owner of the older ref. 116719BLRO the option of replacing the black dial with the midnight blue version of the updated white gold model.

A year later, in 2022, the exact Rolex replica offered another dial option to the reference 126719BLRO. Although the watch itself is exactly the same as the model that debuted the year before, buyers can now choose the standard Midnight Blue dial or the eye-catching Meteorite dial, which greatly increases people's overall interest in the watch. Although the two white gold Pepsi GMT-Master references have the same configuration, including the Oyster bracelet, ceramic bezel, and 40mm case, but there are some differences between them. In addition to the slightly updated case proportions, the ref. 126719 is also running on the new-generation Caliber 3285 movement, and there is a tiny title between the words "Swiss Made", which is placed directly below the 6 o'clock hour marker.

Except for some rare examples, such as "Albino" GMT-Master ref. 6542 and more recently, Meteorite dials, the New Replica Rolex GMT Collection almost exclusively provide dark-colored dials. The first edition of the white gold Pepsi GMT-Master II with blue dial appeared in 2021, the reference 126719BLRO and this watch is still in production, and is offered with its Meteorite dial sibling.

With this in mind, since High-end Fake Rolex provided the owner of the old reference 116719BLRO with the option to replace its black dial with a blue dial, it is not uncommon to find a white gold Pepsi GMT-Master II model with a Midnight Blue dial previously. If you have the enough budget to invest in white gold Rolex GMT, but don't like the iconic aesthetics of the meteorite dial, the Midnight Blue Edition may be the best choice for your wrist.

You know a modern Rolex sports watch, the time is displayed by the applied white gold "Maxi" index full of Chromalight. Rolex's proprietary luminescent material glows for up to 8 hours in the dark, but remains crisp white during the day. The Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126719 also includes the brand's signature date at 3 o'clock, which is magnified by the obligatory Cyclops lens on the crystal. There is also a small Rolex crown on the dials of the Midnight Blue Edition and the Meteorite Edition, just below the 6 o'clock position, which distinguishes these models as members of the new generation.

The vast majority of meteorite dials on the market are derived from a piece of iron-nickel alloy meteorite, and scientists believe that this meteorite passed through our atmosphere millions of years ago. The infamous space rock, now called the Gibeon Meteorite, crashed in what is now Namibia, and scattered rock fragments in a large area about 240 miles by 75 miles. Most of the fragments of the meteorite are located near the village of Gibeon, where the local Nama people first discovered it. However, it was not until 1836 that the British captain J.E. Alexander inspected the meteorite sample and confirmed that the rock was of extraterrestrial origin. Its appearance makes the Luxury Replica Watches more popular in the UK.

This rare material is very popular in the jewelry and watchmaking industries because of the striking Widmanst©tten pattern produced by the nickel-iron crystals. The stripes seen on the dial of the copy Rolex 126719 are formed by Kamacite and Teanite, and these stripes appear in the form of ribbons and fine-grained materials. This type of crystal formation is formed when rocks cool down as they travel through space. The meteorite flakes are then treated with chemicals such as nitric acid or ferric chloride to produce their natural crystal patterns. Due to the geometric nature of the Widmanst©tten model, the meteorite needs to be sliced ​​at the correct angle to achieve the design seen on the designer Rolex GMT-Master II replica watch, and because it is a naturally occurring model, there are no two Rolex meteorite dials are the same.

The luxurious Daytona and Day-Date became the first Rolex Replica Watches with Swiss ETA Movements to display the time on the meteorite dial, followed by imitation Datejust, Pearlmaster and GMT-Master II. There is also a small piece of meteorite depicting the moon in the Rolex Cellini Moonphase, although its use of the meteorite is limited to a single element, not the entire dial itself. The Gibeon Meteorite is one of the rarest materials on earth, and any grade AAA+ fake Rolex watch featuring this material may receive a premium due to its rarity. In addition to being the only GMT-Master II with a meteorite dial, the ref. 126719BLRO is also the only example of a light-colored dial in a modern GMT.

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