Experience Costa Rica’s most active volcano and the world’s largest hot springs!

With a backdrop of lush vegetation and unforgettable views, the Arenal Volcano & Baldí Hot Springs tour is by far a favorite among travelers.

Arenal Volcano is a magnificent natural wonder located in northern Costa Rica near the town of La Fortuna. Ascending dramatically from the surrounding plains, the mountain layed dormant until a major eruption in 1968, and today still offers visitors the chance to witness impressive volcanic activity as white plumes of smoke rise into the sky, followed by a mighty boom and rocks large and small tumbling down the sides of the perfectly cone-shaped behemoth.

En route to the Arenal Volcano there will be a stop at the famous town of Sarchí, known as the birthplace of Costa Rican artisans and famous for its wooden crafts, furniture and most especially, models of the traditional oxcarts still used by many farmers. Souvenir oxcarts can be as tiny as a Christmas tree ornament, but Sarchi is also home to the largest one on earth. Made of cedar and decorated with the characteristic intricate geometric designs in bright orange and other stunning colors, this oxcart won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The journey then continues through idyllic farmland with pineapple plantations, mango groves, fields of ornamental plants and cattle ranches. On arrival in La Fortuna, visitors enjoy lunch at a cozy restaurant with a spectacular view of the volcano.

Our next stop is a relaxing soak at one of the best hot springs in the area to experience the rejuvenating effects of the thermal waters, as well as an optional massage or other special treatments (reservations must be made ahead of time).

The facilities at Baldí are fed by 25 separate mineral water reservoirs that flow naturally from the volcano. Certified by Costa Rica’s national water-testing laboratory (Laboratorio Nacional de Aguas), these medicinal waters range from 93º to 152º Fahrenheit, so everyone will find their ideal temperature.

And topping off the day before we head back to San José is a delicious dinner served in sight of the volcano, providing yet one more opportunity to catch a view of the pyrotechnics of this stunning volcano.